Plato’s Collection consists of five unique garments constructed from recyclable paper and fabric. The garments are made almost entirely by hand, with a big attention to ecology, recycling and minimum waste.

The main inspiration came from the Platonic solids. Plato theorized that the five Platonic solids were the building block of the universe. The project examines the concept of geometrically arranged and structured space in relation to the human body and the environment. It is the outcome of the study of relation between artificial and organic, amorphous and geometric.

The collection was featured in numerous books and publications, such as Fashion Futures by Bradley Quinn (Merrell London, New York), Papercraft 2 (Gestalten), Un nouvel art du pli (Gallimard Paris), Paradise of Paper Art (Designerbooks Beijing), and was displayed in various gallery exhibitions such as Le Lieu du Design (Paris, France), The Civic (Barnsley, UK), Green Cube Gallery (Laguna Beach, CA).


2nd Prize on regional Balkan Design Competition „Day-D“ in Zagreb by Croatian Designers Association, Croatia.