With the peaking immigrant crisis and ever more excessive attitude of public, we were asked by Integration Centre Prague to help campaign that would show that foreigners are no threat to Prague and that their integration is being successful. We wanted to avoid showing stereotypes about foreigners, so we decided to do it the other way around – we showed Czech people from immigrant point of view. We thus support not only the Czech national pride in the best sense of the term, but also tolerance, understanding and solidarity. The campaign speaks about foreigners who feel Czech Republic as their own country, because they are surrounded by their loved and dear ones there, where they belong.


Integration Centre Prague


Where we belong (#mezisvymi)


– ADC Creative Award CZ
Bronze in Category Outdoor

– ADC Creative Award CZ
Bronze in Category Photography

The campaign consisted of OOH visuals that included real foreigners who live in Czech Republic, along with their quotes.

“Czechs are said to be selfish,
but it was my friend Milan
who shared his knowledge with me and taught me how to program.”

 – Jajah, originally from Ghana

“Czechs are said to be unfriendly,
but it is the Czech children
who are my daughters’ best friends.”

 – Jefrey, originally from USA

“Czechs are said to be cold,
but it was my husband‘s mother Věra,
who taught me Czech and became my second mother.”

 – Mai, originally from Syria

“Czechs are said to be reluctant,
but when Japan was hit by the tsunami,
it was the Czechs who helped me organize my humanitarian collection without hesitation.”

– Takeshi, originally from Japan

“Czechs are said to be aloof,
but it was Milan who came all the way to Ukraine
to ask for my hand.”

– Silya, originally from Ukraine


#mezisvymi (where we belong)